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Princess Kurama - A New Challenge! (クラマ姫 新たなる挑戦!, Kurama Hime - Arata Naru Chōsen!) is the 48th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Kurama was given a chance to break the Tengu law and re-entered in suspended sleep in the hopes of being awaken by a better man. Will Mendō be her mate, despite the Tengu law, Ataru’s stickiness and the girls’ objection?

Plot Overview

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  • In the manga, this is the first time Ten gets familiar with Kurama and the Karasutengu, as he had not yet been introduced before Kurama's first four chapters.
  • The girls of Class 2-4 originally learn of Mendō's phobias when his sister Ryōko is introduced in Episode 50, which happens before this story in the manga.

Differences from the Manga

  • Instead of Kurama showing up in the schoolyard, she arrives in class 2-4 instead, where a re-arranging desks was in order and Mendō hoped not to still sit next to Ataru as he hates that he beat him in kissing Kurama, and there’s a lot more arguing before she gets Mendō out to the mating pod.
  • Kurama throws darts at a picture of Ataru instead of shooting it with a gun.