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The Mendō Siblings! (ザ・面堂兄妹!, Za Mendō Kyōdai!) is the 50th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ataru gets to meet Mendō's manipulative and dangerous younger sister, Ryōko, who offers him to visit her for a Romeo and Juliet rendezvous, but Mendō and Lum won’t allow it.

Plot Overview



  • First appearance of Ryōko Mendō.
  • It is also the first episode in which Mendō's father appears, although his first appearance is in chapter 114 which was adapted in Episode 185.
  • This is when Mendō's phobias are exposed to class 2-4.
  • Shinobu doesn't appear in class 2-4.

Differences from the manga

Noteworthy changes are only in the manga version of the second part of the episode:

  • The Mendō family's discussion about Ataru is different, especially Mendō's father doubting the difference between him and his son.
  • Mendō does not meet Lum and propose to cooperate in stopping Ataru.
  • Mendō's father doesn't activate any traps against Ataru.