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Desperate Sub-Space Part Time Job (決死の亜空間アルバイト, Kesshi no Akūkan Aru Baito) is the 53rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


As Ataru seeks a part-time job, Lum gets him to become a washing attendant at a bathhouse, which he excitedly anticipates as being an opportunity to ogle and grope naked women. However, it doesn't turn out the way he expected.

Plot Overview

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  • Two creatures in the bathhouse have the physical appearances of the creature made of fossils from Episode 47 and Kotatsu-neko

Differences from the Manga

  • While this episode takes place during Winter, the manga version takes place during Summer.
  • Ataru goes straight from the alleyway to the bathhouse, and there’s no underwater chase.
  • There’s a voiceover, but it isn’t nearly so portentous.