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Lum-chan's Great Year End Celebration! (ラムちゃん主催大忘年会!, Ramu-chan Shusai Dai Bō-Nen Kai!) is the 54th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


A Year-End Party is when you forget everything and have fun. As Lum takes it literally, she brings two dimensional doors that takes the students to a crazy fictional world where they forget themselves and take new identities.

Plot Overview



  • This is the final episode to air in 1982.
  • This is the last episode to use the Hoshizora Cycling ending theme. until it returned in Episode 65.
    • The ending that replaced it was I, I, You and Ai for the next 10 episodes. Although it said to be also used in episodes 65-77,[1] Hoshizora Cycling would be reused for those episodes, and its currently unknown if any prints of those episodes used the I, I, You and Ai ending theme.
  • The second time the first ending theme Uchuu wa Taihen da! is used as an insert song, the first being Episode 32.
  • Numerous cameos are featured in this episode, including characters of Macross, Batman, Wonder Woman...

Differences from the manga

Both versions are practically identical, except that there are no Garapachi and Watson and no chase scenes. Onsen-Mark opens the treasure box right after Lum misunderstands Ataru's second wish.