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Badboy Musashi - A Success Story (ダメッコ武蔵 風雲録, Damekko Musashi Fū Un Roku) is the 55th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


The normal cast is again put into an ancient Japanese story surrounding Musashi Miyamoto during the Keicho Era.

Plot Overview



Poster in episode 64

  • This is the second episode to have the normal cast in an ancient Japanese story, the first being Episode 11.
  • This is the first episode to air in 1983.
  • The ending theme is now "I, I, You and Ai", replacing "Hoshizora Cycling" for 10 episodes.
    • However, Episodes 65 to 77 are said to might have used the "I, I, You and Ai" ending theme, not confirmed as of yet though.[1]
  • A movie poster of the episode could later be seen in Episode 64.

Differences from the manga

As a three-chapter adaptation, there’s a bit more story than will fit the episode, such as a brief scene at the McDonald where Ataru flirts with the manager, and between the scene of Ataru forgetting Kojirō’s name and the mob chasing Musashi, where Ataru offers to help track down the infamous Musashi.

  • The villagers chasing Ataru with the cow are regular villagers.
  • Jotarō doesn’t talk.
  • Kaede and Ataru's father do not appear.
  • The Kentucky place doesn't appear.
  • The scanlation, at least, has a Dragon Ball joke that’s not in the anime (the line about “Does the passage of time change a person this much?” is “I didn’t know you changed into a monkey when the moon is full!”).