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We'll Risk Our Lives During Classtime! (命かけます授業中!, Inochi Kake Masu Jugyōchū!) is the 56th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


A fed up Onsen-Mark demands complete silence in the class, and the students do their best to comply for fear of detention, even when a vindictive Jariten disrupts the class.

Plot Overview



  • The times in which class period were ruined that Onsen-Mark mentions are from episodes 20a, 36, 39 and 44.

Differences from the Manga

  • The entire setup with Onsen-Mark’s bad day is original, and the manga picks up with Ten talking to Ataru and company.
    • Thus, the Principal, Cherry and Sakura don't appear.
  • Rather than an angry Onsen-Mark threatening detention, the students are in a three-hour extended English class, and the threat is to redo the class on the weekend (which makes it a bit clearer why the students are so concerned about losing their free time).
  • The other major original sequence is the one with the toy vehicles; in the manga everything just falls apart shortly after Onsen-Mark steps on the mine and is revived.