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Domestic Quarrel – To Eat or Be Eaten!? (夫婦げんか 食うか食われるか!?, Fūfugenka - Kū ka Kuwareru ka!?) is the 57th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Lum’s father got booted out by his wife and becomes a major pain in the neck to the Moroboshi family and also class 2-4.

Plot Overview



  • This is the first time Ataru's Mother wears Kyōko Otonashi's Piyo Piyo Apron from Maison Ikkoku.
  • In Ataru's room, Lum's father reads a Maison Ikkoku book.
  • A parody of the 1950 Toei logo is featured.

Differences from the Manga

  • Many material are original in the anime such as:
    • Ataru trying to sleep (It cuts from Ataru's parents denying any inconvenience in Lum's father staying to class).
    • The flashback of the marriage of Lum's parents, the standoff with the girls, and Mr. Moroboshi listening to Lum's father in class.
    • Ataru going out, Mr. Moroboshi opposing his wife and being on a roof with Cherry, as the manga version ends with the scene of Mrs. Invader pounding on her husband.
  • Kotatsu-Neko and Cherry do not appear in the manga version.