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Love Love Catchball! (ラブラブキャッチボール!, Rabu Rabu Kyacchiboru!) is the 60th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ten orders two crystal balls called Love-Love Catchballs that supposedly show a person's destined mate, one for each gender. As Ataru gets hold of the one for guys and finds Lum, Sakura, Shinobu and Ran at a local café having a chat with Ten about the one for girls, the crystal balls’ revelations cause a great commotion.

Plot Overview


Differences from the manga

  • The story picks up at the table in the cafe.
  • Ataru's parents and Cherry don't appear.
  • There’s only one Love-Love Catchball, so Cherry, Mendō and Ataru don’t get a look.
  • Lum sees through the ball before Ran, whose result is shown immediately.
  • Ataru and Mendō remain outside the cafe and don't get in until after Tsubame arrives and Sakura sees through the ball.
  • The scuffle at the end is a lot shorter.