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Ryūnosuke Arrives! I Love the Sea! (竜之介登場!海が好きっ!! Ryūnosuke Tōjō! Umi ga Suki!!) is the 63rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ataru, Lum, Shinobu, and Mendō meet an eccentric man and his “son” Ryūnosuke at a beach shop, and their interference in their violent family business causes the two to move into Tomobiki High School.

Plot Overview



  • First Appearance of Ryūnosuke and her father.

Differences from the Manga

Since this is adapted from two chapters of the manga, there’s not as much filler, with each half covering each chapter.

  • The manga version was the end of a series of summer vacation stories (two of the stories have been adapted in Episode 82), while the anime episode aired in March.
  • Both halves extend the fight sequences.
  • Hanawa is who introduces Ryūnosuke to Class 2-4.
  • The second half ends with Ryūnosuke refusing the sailor suit to the boys and immediately declaring that she will wear it when she earns it by defeating her father.