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Goodbye Season (さようなら季節, Sayonara no Kiseki) is the 64th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Megane rejoices of becoming Lum's new man, as Ataru reveals his decision to drop his status to him. Fearing that Ataru giving up on Lum would lead Lum to be closer to Mendo, Shinobu takes manners into her own hands.

Plot Overview



  • This is the last episode to use the I, I, You and Ai ending theme.
  • Numerous cameos are featured including Gundam, Spock of Star Trek, and Betty Boop.
  • Characters of Maison Ikkoku appear in Shinobu's diagram.
  • The No.2 babe of Butsumetsu High School appears.
  • The No.1 babes of Shakko High and Sanrinbō High would return in Episode 91, with their names revealed to be Asano Yumi and Ogin the Ketsune Croquet.
  • Unbaba Tetsu and the Franken Brothers would return in Episode 72.
  • A poster of the Musashi story adapted in Episode 55 can be seen.
  • Megane would wear his Battle Suit again in Episodes 105 and 106.
  • Kōsuke Shirai whose roles in the manga are replaced mostly by Lum's Stormtroopers can be seen in the class.

Differences from the manga

The whole story takes place in the class, where Hanawa appears as the teacher and Ataru's resignation, which he declares at the beginning, is misunderstood in many ways, including as retiring as the main character of the manga and several characters including Mendō, Cherry and Sakura try to campaign for the position.