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Seeing Togenkyo in a Hell Camp! (地獄のキャンプに桃源郷を見た!, Jigoku no Kyanpu ni Tōgenkyō wo Mita!) is the 67th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Lum, Ataru, Mendō, Megane, Perm and Ten are camping. With Lum’s cooking being painfully spicy and their food supplies stolen by a rabbit, the boys desperately seek food and learn of a valley of huge peaches.

Plot Overview


Differences from the Manga

  • Kōsuke Shirai and another random male classmate accompany them rather than Megane and Perm.
  • No one gets overwhelmed by a double batch of Lum’s food (all four boys leave to find food).
  • The final obstacle in the race is different.