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The Groom’s Name is Ryūnosuke (花ムコの名は竜之介, Hana Muko no Na wa Ryūnosuke) is the 68th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


The Karasutengus test and find Ryūnosuke to be a perfect groom for Kurama, until they learn her gender. So they get a sex change gun which accidentally hits Ataru.

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Differences from the Manga

  • In the first chapter, after Ryūnosuke kicks the Karasutengus out without saying she's a girl, they use sleeping gas in class 2-4 the next day, and bring her to Kurama in her ship together with Ataru who was holding onto Ryūnosuke and Lum who was holding onto Ataru, much to their surprise. While Ataru chases Kurama, Ryūnosuke shows the Karasutengus that she's a girl, so one of them tries to use a tiny gender-changer, which she breaks.
  • The second chapter begins with a week having passed and the Karasutengus bring viagara to Ryūnosuke, much to her annoyance, and prepared the sex-change cannon only for her to have already left to class when they were about to use it on her, forcing them to lug it until class 2-4.
  • The third chapter begins with the Karasutengus telling Kurama and the Karasutengu Elder that Ataru became a girl and claiming it would make him not bother her that much, then it jumps to Ataru and Lum eating with Ryūnosuke and her father. The scene at Ataru's home with Ataru's mother seeing his son as a girl is anime original.