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Electric Shocks Scare Me! (電撃ショックがこわい!, Dengeki SHOKKU ga Kowai!?) and Voodoo Dolls of Vengeance (念力ウラミのあやつり人形, Nenriki URAMI no Ayatsuri Ningyou?) are the two segments of the 7th episode of Urusei Yatsura.



Cherry gives Ataru a magical yellow ribbon, which when tied to her horns, negate Lum's powers. But will this really allow him to be happy?


After an odd loss of control of his body after dinner, Ataru finds out Lum made a voodoo doll of himself using some clay. Ataru takes advantage of the situation for revenge scheme, until it gives Lum the idea to make a Shinobu doll.

Plot Overview


A group gathers outside the Moroboshi residence, contemplating the inhuman screams of pure suffering that emanate from it on a regular basis. Inside, Lum is punishing Ataru for looking at other women while Ten plays referee and coaches Ataru on what to say, which eventually leads to him being flung out the window.

In the vacant lot, Ataru complains about his situation to Cherry, unaware that Lum is hiding in the section of pipe they’re sitting on. She chases him off while Cherry thinks to himself that he needs to take bold action. At the Moroboshi house, a slightly off-model Megane arrives and inquires of Ataru’s unsympathetic mother if Ataru is still alive. Upstairs, he hands Ataru a small box from Cherry that contains a yellow ribbon and a note. The note says that the ribbon will cut off power and can only be untied by the one who tied it. Ataru is positively deranged with joy.

Lum arrives in time to save Megane’s virtue and Ataru presents her with the ribbon, although he has to bind and gag Megane before he can convince her to wear it. She is struck by Ataru’s joy, and has a brief vision of their future married life in a run-down hovel, which oddly doesn’t seem to put her off. She goes outside for a walk, hopping out the window and butt-planting on the concrete. Ataru and Megane pursue as she hops down the street, unable to take off. She bumps into Chibi and takes his hand, confirming that her other powers aren’t working either.

Chibi, not realizing his narrow escape, is overcome with lust, but Megane jumps out and knocks him to the ground before himself being overwhelmed with lust. In the vacant lot, Lum sadly watches the sunset until Ataru joins her, concealing his joy long enough to give her a pep talk. Shinobu arrives at that point, having acquired a new casual outfit and a head that’s more in proportion to her body. Rather than take the high road, Lum taunts her with the ribbons. When Shinobu attempts to rip them out, but Ataru stops her. Shinobu runs away in tears.

Back at Maison Moroboshi again, Megane and Chibi nobly wait in the tree outside Ataru’s window to protect Lum, hampered by the fact that the curtains are closed. Inside, Lum puts out the futon, explaining that since she can’t return to her UFO she’ll have to sleep with Ataru. Forever. Ataru freaks out and tries to remove the ribbons, and Chibi and Megane leap in, followed by Ten. Ten is there to defend his cousin’s virtue, while Megane and Chibi are there to join in.

A scuffle ensues, with Ataru’s belongings being flung at the pair. Ataru tries to stop Lum from smashing them with his tennis racket but accidentally pulls off the ribbon instead. Megane is hit by the box and reads the letter from Cherry, sending Lum into a cold fury against Ataru. She confirms that her lightning works again by blasting a clock off the wall, and slowly rounds on Ataru, who feebly attempts to distract her by saying that he’s glad she’s feeling better.

Outside, the neighbors contemplate the inhuman screams of agony, while Cherry muses that Ataru must learn to stoically accept the shocks, as the mark of a man. Lum shouts that when she’s done with Ataru she’ll take care of Cherry, and his tune changes quickly.


Atop the Moroboshi’s roof, a cat yowls by night. Downstairs, Mrs. Moroboshi is wearing an unwisely chosen top that makes her look topless.

The family is finishing dinner, and Ataru mentions that they haven’t had beef lately. His mother blames that on his father’s salary, causing his father to tremble behind his newspaper. He explains that this banter makes it feel like a normal family dinner, but ever since Lum arrived things have gone to hell, then snaps and runs out the room.

Mr. Moroboshi returns to the living room to watch pro wrestling as Ataru clears the table, but Ataru doesn’t get far before being overcome by weird spasms that fling him around in awkward ways. Going to his room, Lum hides something behind her back as he enters. He tries to wrestle it away from her, but Lum says it wouldn’t be good for Ten’s education.

Ataru discovers that she has a bag with a small pink doll of himself. He twists the head and his own head twists in the same way. Lum takes it from him and gestures hypnotically, causing the doll to float and Ataru to float in the same position. She explains that it’s a Voodoo game that’s popular on her planet, to which Ten adds that it’s mostly played by frustrated, middle-aged women these days. Ataru grabs the doll and unwisely flings it away, and while lying upside-down against the window, asks why anyone would create such a thing.

Clearly inspiration strikes, because we cut to him making a doll of Cherry. Crowing that he’s going to get revenge for all the things Cherry has done to him, he somewhat alarmingly starts by popping the doll’s head off. Lum explains that it requires a hair from the subject to work, which is a non-starter as far as Cherry’s concerned. Lum is impressed by the idea of using them for revenge, which would never have occurred to her. Ataru plays on her love to ask her for a few favors, and we cut to a set of clay models of the entire neighborhood, apparently.

Lum is somewhat taken aback by the number of people Ataru wants revenge on, but adds one more of her own, Shinobu. She adds that she’s off to get one of Shinobu’s hairs. Ataru tries to stop her but is knocked away via the medium of his doll, letting Lum get ahead of him and forcing him to pursue on foot. He passes the non-decapitated Cherry, who warns him that bad luck awaits in that direction, and gets a hot pot on his head for his trouble.

At the Miyake’s, Shinobu is in the bath with her head wrapped in a towel and the sense that someone is watching her. It is in fact Lum, who is trying to think of how to get her hair when Ataru arrives and tries to convince her that using the dolls for vengeance is wrong. Lum points out the inconsistency, and Ataru claims that it was just a joke.

Meanwhile, the Moroboshis hear something upstairs, and fearing a burglar, run up to discover the cat from the roof with Ataru’s doll in his mouth. It escapes out the window, and they notice the array of clay dolls. The cat wanders over to Cherry, who takes the doll from its mouth and throws it away, propelling Ataru through the window into the bath. Shinobu’s parents ask what’s wrong, and Ataru hides under the water until Cherry starts playing “fetch” with the doll, sending Ataru flying back out the window into parts unknown. Shinobu’s father runs outside to drive the intruder away and asks if she saw the intruder’s face; she shakes her head while thinking “You idiot!”.

Cherry leans to the camera and says “When you curse someone, prepare to dig two graves”, and we cut to the streets, which are in chaos as most of the neighborhood loses control of their bodies, including practicing wrestling moves. We see the reason in Ataru’s room, as his parents are caught playing with their dolls again. We see that the SDF has brought out tanks to break up a brawl between hundreds of people (which seems excessive, but we have seen two different kaiju in the neighborhood recently) and we cut to commercial sign.



  • The name of Megane, the leader of Lum's Stormtroopers who originally was not named in the manga, is revealed.

Differences from the manga

Ten doesn't appear in the manga version of both segments as he has yet to be introduced.


Lum actually forces Ataru to take the ribbon off by biting and beating him up after discovering the truth about it, and nevertheless zaps him after.


The manga version ends with Ataru having a bad feeling as he passes by Cherry who is considering throwing the doll of himself into the fire, while the anime version ends with Ataru's Parents playing with the dolls and causing the entire neighborhood to move around in chaos.


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