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Dramatic Appearance! Mizunokoji Ton-chan!! (激烈登場!水乃小路トンちゃん!!, Gekiretsu Tōjō! Mizunokōji Ton-chan!!) is the 70th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Mendō's rival Tobimaro Mizunokōji returns, and the two decide to settle their baseball rivalry once and for all. However, as Tobimaro is also Ryōko’s love interest, the game...

Plot Overview



  • First appearance of Tobimaro Mizunokōji.

Differences from the Manga

  • Tobimaro's appearance occurs much earlier, even before Ryōko's appearance.
  • This episode is the first to have two stories being stitched together, without having each half cover each plot:
    • In the first story, Tobimaro comes to the school, eats the ball, and challenges Mendō, who reveals their backstory and asks Ataru to join his team due to his speed. The match takes place in the stadium, where Lum joins the team and zaps Tobimaro after complaining to Mendō about women not belonging in the field. Tobimaro's team consists of child baseball prodigies who square off against Mendō and his players who have done nothing but study baseball terminology for an entire year. It ends with Mendō pitching and Tobimaro eating the ball then vomiting a couple dozen more balls, which explains his tendency to eat balls because it was all he could eat to survive during his training in the mountains, and Ataru flirting with the cheerleaders, much to Lum's anger.
    • In the second story, as class 2-4 plays baseball in school, Tobimaro arrives carrying a ladder, gets the ball Mendō pitched from the tree in which he already climbed but loses it to the boys who get back to their game, and has his encounter with Ryōko. The baseball game remains a no-score tie until Ryōko shows up and declares to her brother that it’s time for him and Tobimaro to resolve their dispute. She announces that she and Tobimaro are partners, which enrages Mendō and Ataru, and reveals their childhood. Tobimaro is on his own without a team, and just as the game starts still in school, the kuroko interfere immediately in favor of Tobimaro, and it ends with the pit trap at the home plate.