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Mendō Family - Summer Christmas (面堂家 サマークリスマス, Mendō Ke - Samā Kurisumasu) is the 79th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ryoko holds a "Summer Xmas" party, where everyone must come in male-female pairs. And the main attraction is a gigantic Christmas tree, which the pairs chained to each other must climb in order to get to the top floor above for a banquet, and also a kiss from Ryōko for the male and a kiss from Mendō for the female.

Plot Overview

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Differences from the manga

The plot is essentially the same except that it ran in mid-January, so there’s no X’mas in summer aspect.

  • It starts with the Kuroko distributing the invitations, only Ataru receiving his invitation is seen.
  • Shinobu and Ran's pairs are not seen.
  • Megane and Chibi do not assist the party since Lum's Stormtroopers vanished after Mendō's introduction.
  • Mendō only plummets once rather than multiple times.