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Ah The Eyelid of Mother (ああまぶたの母, Ā Mabuta no Haha) is the 81st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Ryunosuke tries to recall what her mother was like, and her father doesn't help her at all in this endeavor.

Plot Overview



  • This marks the first episode about Ryūnosuke's mother, Masako.
  • Two new eyecatches featuring Lum and Ataru are introduced.
  • Ryunosuke eats in a bowl featuring the Piyo Piyo Symbol.
  • Kyōko Otonashi, Hanae Ichinose, Akemi Roppongi and Kozue Nanao of Maison Ikkoku make a cameo in the album "My Wife and I (妻とわたし)".

Differences from the Manga

  • The manga version of the first half starts with Ryūnosuke finding Ten, thus there is no convenience store full of inside jokes about the animators, and Mr. Fujinami’s story with a nurse is much shorter (he just met her at a hospital because he had a fractured leg then she came to Hamachaya one day).
  • The manga version of the second half has the chase being shorter and Mr. Fujinami actually waking up by himself and getting hit by a cupboard as he asks Ryūnosuke "What are you doing up at this time of night?", and he fights Ryūnosuke a bit after revealing his album of "My Wife and I" as he warns her that she shouldn't look at it.