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Big Clash! Ten VS Ataru (大激突!テンVSあたる, Dai Gekitotsu! Ten TAI Ataru) is the 83rd episode of Urusei Yatsura.


Tired of being bullied and humiliated by Ataru, Ten desperately tries to defeat his arch-nemesis.

Plot Overview


Differences from the Manga

This is another episode where there is two manga plots stitched together in one episode, with each half covering each plot. The differences would be split into two parts.

Part 1

  • After losing to Cherry's turtle, Ten tries to hang himself but is stopped by Cherry.
  • Cherry shows up after the boys realize Ten wears iron shoes and explains how they cause Ten to go backwards on his head by throwing fire.
  • After Ten hides in the ceiling, he fires at Ataru and succeeds in defeating him by inadvertently making the ceiling fall onto him.

Part 2

  • The Chapter begins with Ataru fighting Ten in his room, where Ten uses his ultimate technique.
    • Thus, Torajima doesn't appear.
  • Kotatsu-neko and Ryūnosuke are not mentioned among those whom Ataru nevertheless quickly recovers from.
  • Rather than Shinobu, it’s Sakura who sees Ataru and whom he flings himself at.
  • It's after the boys ask Ataru if he's really wounded that he reveals what happened and Lum flies off to find Ten.