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Outraged! Piteous Kid Shutaro!! (逆上!みじめっ子終太郎!!, Gyakujō! Mijime Ko Shūtarō!!) is the 86th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


As Mendō tries to cure himself of his nyctophobia and claustrophobia, Lum takes him, Ataru, Shinobu and Ryūnosuke back in time when he was an obnoxious brat in hope of discovering the cause of his fear and preventing it.

Plot Overview

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  • Lum drinks from a cup that has the Piyo Piyo Symbol.

Differences from the manga

  • When the guards have Ataru and Mendō trapped in a hole, they start to fill it in rather than put a garbage can over Mendō.
  • Megane and Perm also traveling to the past is anime-exclusive.
  • Ryōko and Mendō's parents do not appear at the end.