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Grand! The Mysterious Matsutake Pot!! (壮絶!謎のまつたけなべ!!, Sōzetsu! Nazo no Matsutake Nabe!!) is the 87th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


As Class 2-4 organize a stew, Cherry shows up with some mushrooms that turns everyone eating some into a bunch of weirdos desperate for entertainment.

Plot Overview

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Differences from the manga

As the first half of this episode covers the manga version which ends with other teachers appearing and giving meat to Cherry who leaves while the hijinks in the classroom continue, the second half features an original story and gives a twist to its manga compartment.

  • Characters that do not appear in the manga version are:
    • Tomobiki High School Principal
    • Sakura
    • Ataru's Mother and Father
    • Otama
    • Tsubame Ozuno
    • And finally, Ryōko Mendō