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Document - Who Will Be Miss Tomobiki!? (ドキュメント・ミス友引は誰だ!?, Dokyumento - Misu Tomobiki wa Dare da!?) is the 91st episode of Urusei Yatsura.


A beauty contest is held in Tomobiki High School with a reward of 150,000 yen for the winner. Candidates include Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Sakura, and Ryunosuke, and Ataru is the final judge.

Plot Overview

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  • Although Cherry doesn't appear, his voice actor narrates the episode.
  • The names Kyōko and Rumiko are mentioned among the votes in the beginning in reference to Kyōko Otonashi of Maison Ikkoku and Rumiko Takahashi, the author of both Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku.
  • Oshima makes a cameo appearance as a plush.
  • The No.1 babe of Butsumetsu High School appears.
    • The No.3 and No.2 babes appeared in Episodes 10 and 64.
  • The No.1 babes of Shakko High and Sanrinbō High return, having first appeared in Episode 64, with their names revealed to be Asano Yumi and Ogin the Ketsune Croquet.

Differences from the manga

  • The manga version is an arc of 5 chapters (from chapters 186 to 190) with the final contest not being cancelled:
    • Only chapter 186 is adapted in the first half of the episode, and the second half (while having some part of chapter 187 near the end) is anime-exclusive.
    • Chapters 187 to 190 compose the final contest which has been skipped.
  • In the manga, While talling names of who people are being called for, they mention the names Kyōko and Kozue, in reference to Kyōko Otonashi and Kozue Nanao of Maison Ikkoku.