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Duel! Benten VS the Three Daughters!! (決斗!弁天VS三人娘!!, Kettō! Benten TAI Sannin Musume!!) is the 97th episode of Urusei Yatsura.


A trio of delinquent middle-school space girls who attend the same school Lum, Benten and Oyuki did steal Benten’s chain and challenge their seniors to improve their reputation.

Plot Overview



  • First Appearance of the Three Girls Gang.
  • Ataru meets the trio again in Episode 145 but doesn't remember them and doesn't show interest in them because he was not in the manga version of that episode, thus his presence and him catching Sugar and Pepper was an anime mistake, although it can be inferred that he didn't get a good glimpse on them as he caught them from behind.

Differences from the manga

  • Kotatsu-neko appears in the first chapter.
  • The initial faceoff takes place in a restaurant rather than on the school roof.
  • Ataru only appears in Lum's imagination; Pepper sheds her skin after Lum grabs her, and leaves a long trail of shed skins behind her.
  • SALT No. 1 lands on Lum, Benten and Oyuki, and there’s some business while they’re trapped in a hole before the chains are shed.