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I Howl at the Moon (月に吠える, Tsuki ni hoeru?) is the 7th OVA of Urusei Yatsura.


Lum makes some sakuramochi for Ataru to enjoy flower-viewing together. However, she mistakenly made something that is not suitable for human consumption and turns Ataru as well as Onsen-Mark into wolfmen, thus she must quickly prepare an antidote and force an elusive Ataru to take it or he’ll remain a wolf forever.


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Differences from the Manga

Since this OVA episode covers one chapter from the manga, there's more room for filler. In the manga:

  • Only Ataru, Lum, Ten, Ataru's parents and Onsen-Mark are featured. The other characters' appearances are anime only.
  • It starts with Lum preparing the sakuramochi on her spaceship.
  • Lum and Ataru enjoy moon-gazing instead of flower-viewing on top of the Moroboshi residence house, and Ataru becomes a wolfman while scolding Lum after learning she did make the sakuramochi.
  • Ataru is angered by his parents after sending Lum to fix himself, then tries to do girl-hunting. He then decides to go to Tomobiki High School and tries to get revenge on Onsen-Mark who's on nightwatch only to learn he too turned into a wolfman, and Onsen-Mark himself just realizes he turns into a wolfman as he greets Lum who passes by and gives him the antidote.
  • Ataru finds the dog shortly after running from Lum.