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Inaba the Dream Maker (夢の仕掛人、因幡くん登場!ラムの未来はどうなるっちゃ!?, Yume no shikake hito, Inaba-kun toujou! Ramu no mirai wa dou naru tcha!??, The Dream Maker, Inaba Appears! How will Lum's future be!?) is the 3rd OVA of Urusei Yatsura.


It’s summertime and Shinobu happens upon a boy wearing a rabbit costume who drops a key that leads to the room of destiny, a dimension filled with infinite doorways to various possible futures upkept by a group of sentient rabbits. Together with the bunny boy named Inaba, Shinobu, Lum and Ataru seek happy futures for themselves.

Plot Overview

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  • First Appearance of Inaba.
  • Sōichiro of Maison Ikkoku makes a cameo appearance.
  • Sakura and Tsubame in the first future appear like Kyōko Otonashi and Yūsaku Godai of Maison Ikkoku.
  • The fifth movie was released after that OVA.
  • This is the second and final episode of the anime to be a five chapter adaptation.

Differences from the Manga

The plot is essentially the same, except:

  • It begins with Shinobu reading a letter from Taichiro from the previous chapter which angers her and hitting Sōban then she asks Sakura at the nurse office if she is not cursed due to all the boys being attracted to her are monsters of perverts but Sakura gets no spiritual reaction from her and tries to ensure her that she will meet a better man someday.
  • Ten doesn't appear at all.
  • It is Shinobu and Inaba who cause Ataru to hit his face on the window and thus get spotted and hit by Sakura, and both see him against Mendō together with Lum.
  • The rabbits capture Inaba, Shinobu, Lum and Ataru in the first future they witnessed in the spot where Cherry and Kotatsu-Neko are.
  • Shinobu, Lum and Ataru don't wear their bunny costumes in their cage, and the rabbits let them out and offer some tea to hit them with mallets from behind in hope of making them forget what they saw, but are unsuccessful and as Inaba asks them to stop and the rabbits hit him, the three seize the chance to hit them and flee with Inaba who takes them to the locker room where they get their bunny costumes.
  • After the three make their doorknobs, they just flee when the rabbits show up.
  • In the future in which Lum and Ataru get married, many protest and throw things at Ataru's face. The guests are not seen.
  • Following Shinobu breaking down over losing Inaba, the final panel shows the next day with Inaba enjoying tea together with Shinobu, Lum and Ataru, where he reveals he just had to make all new futures as punishment to which Shinobu answers she can't believe she spent all night crying, and Ataru asks him if he could make another future with a harem for him much to the annoyance of Lum who hits him.


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