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Kotatsu-neko (コタツネコ, Kotatsu Cat or Heated Table Cat?) is a large ghost cat who loves kotatsu and haunts Ataru Moroboshi's room.


Young Kotatsu-neko

Kotatsu-neko was born in the 1800s as an ordinary stray cat, but when he tried to find warmth in the winter, he was thrown out of every house he sneaked into and froze to death. Because of this, he came back as a vengeful spirit with a love for kotatsu. He is often seen in Ataru's room or sitting with Cherry in front of his tent or drinking tea with the Tomobiki High School Principal whom he seems to be the closest to, and gets along well with Ten. Kotatsu-neko is also super strong and has bested even Ryūnosuke and Benten with his mighty palm strike. The only characters to ever best him have been the Haunted Kotatsu and Oyuki.


Kotatsu-neko appears to be a enormous cat that is around 10 times bigger than normal cats, its whole body covered with white fur and some black big spots at left ear, back of lower body and right leg. Apart from that, Kotatsu-neko has a big eyes with small pupils, tiny black nose and some short whiskers at its face. Although Kotatsu-neko gets some razor claws, most of the time it always keep them in its paws.


Despite becoming a ghost cat for many years, he did not behave evil against its own companion like stray cats. But when he sees a kotatsu, it will try to occupy its owner by force.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength - Kotatsu-neko can use a paw to eliminate his opponents with ease.


  • Ten - Kotatsu-neko had set up a best friendship with Ten, whereby Ten invited it to visit Ataru's home for getting some warmth during its first appearance. Besides, Kotatsu-neko always obeyed what did Ten said.


Kotatsu-neko is rather carefree and does not speak, usually only making grunts and mumbling sounds.


  • Perhaps Kotatsu-neko is a part of bakeneko's family because some of the tragic that Kotatsu-neko faced was the clue to become vengeful ghost cat.
  • Kotatsu-neko may have been a prototype of the Chinese bakeneko Maomolin from Rumiko Takahashi's later manga/anime, Ranma ½.
  • Kotasu-neko is featured in the 1000 yen bill in the anime version of Rumiko Takahashi's latest manga, Kyokai no Rinne.


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