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Kurama (クラマ) is the princess of the alien race, the Karasutengu (Crow Goblins). Like the Oni, Tengu are yet another mythological Japanese creature reinvented as an alien race. Karasutengu are a type of tengu with distinctly crow-like features.


When Kurama was first introduced, she was going through with a tradition where she put herself in suspended animation till a prospective mate woke her up by kissing her. When a drunk underling wound up arranging for Ataru Moroboshi to give her the wake up kiss, Kurama was initially completely opposed to the idea of mating with him.

Then she saw that Lum was interested in him and reconsidered - though she insisted on trying to remake Ataru so he wasn't such a lecher first.

After failing repeatedly at changing Ataru, she tried to give herself a redo, and despite Ataru waking her again, she initially thought Mendō had woken her. When she learned that Ataru was still the one who'd woken her, she demanded to know the reason for the tradition. Eventually the recording of the first elder revealed he had started the tradition to try preserving a sappy personal memory of his (They had to go to the first since every other elder didn't know anything about the tradition except "It's tradition")

Kurama immediately decided to throw out the rules and mate with whoever she wanted. Initially she was going to grab Mendō, but when Ataru dropped a bell on him, his scared whining made Kurama decide he wasn't worth it and left intending to find the most perfect man in the universe to mate with.

Some of her later attempts at finding a perfect mate include chasing after Ryūnosuke (When Kurama's Tengu underlings realized Ryū was female, they tried to 'fix' thing with a few sex change guns, but they hit Ataru instead.)

Also Kurama stole Rei from Ran, but gave up on him and dumped Rei after seeing his Tiger-Bull transformation just like Lum.


Kuruma is very serious when it comes to find the perfect suitor. As shown in all of her appearances, she is desperate, but will only go for the most handsome looking male. When she is angered, she will attack anyone she sees interfering with her plans. Also, she describes her father as the perfect man.


Kurama has short black hair with greenish black wings on the side. Her ears are pointy, and is taller than most if not all her subjects.

Her clothes are all black, made of leather and vary in the manga.

Initially, she wears a lace up bustier with a yellow sash around her waist, a spiked collar, a long black latex glove on her left arm, and long black boots.[1] While trying to change Ataru, she wears a top bustier and a trouser.[2] When she starts trying to find a new mate, her clothes changed to a different bustier, with a non-spiked collar, and shorter black boots while still having her long latex glove.[3]

Her outfit in the anime would remain the same as her initial one from the manga, although she wears a singular armband on her left arm and her collar is not spiked.

Powers and Abilities[]

She uses a big leaf that can cause wind storms.



Originally seeing Lum as a rival for her destined mate Ataru Moroboshi, Kurama and Lum's relationship has seemed to grow over the course of the series (anime only.) Kurama joined Lum, Benten, Oyuki and Ran in order to rescue Ataru from Elle de Rosenbach, though could be seen after the massive jail break attempting to hit on any attractive man that ran by her. She also appeared and joined in during Episode 45 as one of the many characters to appear for Lum's class reunion, possibly hinting that she may have been a classmate of Lum's at one point.


Originally chosen to be her mate, Kurama attempted to train him to become the ideal man which ended in the obvious results. Ataru was then seen as a failure to her cause and she moved on to Shūtarō Mendō, Rei, and even Ryūnosuke Fujinami. However, she claimed she was responsible for his safety and joined Ran, Lum, Benten and Oyuki to attempt to retrieve Ataru from Elle de Rosenbach's forced wedding.


The two were at odds since Kurama stole Rei from her. She however 'returned' Rei when he kept transforming. However, the two help Lum in the movie "Only You" to save Ataru from Elle de Rosenbach's planned wedding.


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  • A lot of Kurama's design traits were later 'recycled' into InuYasha characters, like her outfit being used for Yura of the Hair, and her wind using abilities and hair for Kagura.
  • In the original ending for the show Uchuu wa Taihen da!, Kurama can be seen with completely black hair, similar to how Ran had blonde hair, Oyuki had pink, and Benten had red.
  • In the anime, Kurama's the second character to expose her bust, following Lum.
  • It should be noted, Kurama is one of the only other aliens to reside on Earth, along side Ran, Ten, and Lum.

Media Appearances[]


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