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{{HeadingA|Featured Episode}}
|{{Nihongo|[[I'm Lum the Notorious!]]|うわさのラムちゃんだっちゃ!|Uwasa no RAMU-chan Datcha!}} is the first half of the first episode of [[Urusei Yatsura]].
:''Ataru is discovers he's been chosen to fight an invading alien force's champion in a 10-day game of tag, in which if the humans lose the aliens will invade Earth.
:[[I'm Lum the Notorious!|Read more...]]''
{{HeadingA|Featured Chapter}}
|{{Nihongo|[[In Case of a Cold...]]|風引かば|Kaze Hikaba}}, is the 262th chapter of Urusei Yatsura Tankoban.
:''[[Oyuki]] gets cold and advises [[Lum]] not to come [[Neptune]] to visit her for several days.''
:[[In Case of a Cold...|Read more...]]''
{{HeadingA|What's new on {{SITENAME}}}}
;Tue 13th December 2011
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;Mon 27th June 2011
:'''We need your help!''' We need your help to improve this wiki! Please support it by helping to edit and add to pages :) -[[User:Humpheh|Humpheh]]
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Welcome to the Urusei Yatsura Wiki!
Hello and welcome to the Urusei Yatsura Wiki, the informative database for the manga and anime Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi, that anyone can edit!
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Featured article
Shinobi - Chapter 26

Even Though I Wait for You... is the 26th chapter of the Urusei Yatsura manga series.

The boys of Ataru's class upset by Mendō's popularity with girls decide to invent a girl and have her fall for Ataru in an attempt to make Mendō jealous. Ataru's happy to know it, but Lum is not and she threatens to leave him for Mendō. It doesn't stop Ataru, as he makes a bet with Mendō that he will give up his class presidency if the girl does not come and meet him, and if she does, Mendō has to give him money. The day of the date arrives... (Read more...)

Featured image
Romantic Ataru - Dimensional Switch
A rare screenshot of a calm and romantic Ataru from Episode 107.
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