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Megane (メガネ, Glasses, aka Four-Eyes?), real name Satoshi (サトシ, Satoshi?), is one of Ataru Moroboshi's friends and classmates and the leader of Lum's Stormtroopers.


Megane is the intensely idiosyncratic Supreme Council Chairman of the Stormtroopers and as such concocts numerous schemes to gain Lum's attention and protect her purity from Ataru. He is a manic otaku who has an obsession with Nazi Germany paraphernalia and often gives eccentric speeches, gradually going hysterical as he goes on. However, he usually immediately calms down after such speeches and has surprising amount of common sense for someone so hysterical. He usually views Ataru as an enemy, but during their leisure time they get along like friends and often go to gyūdon restaurants and soba stands together. He is also writing a book entitled History of Tomobiki, but the only time he reads part of it aloud is during the second movie.

Megane is the only human character to be depicted finishing food prepared by Lum.


  • Megane was designed by series director Oshii Mamoru after his voice actor Shigeru Chiba. Chiba, a notorious adlibber, was able to shape Megane into the high-strung character he became. There are many instances when Megane takes the place of Kōsuke Shirai from the manga, but Megane is more often than not antagonistic towards Ataru whereas Kōsuke was portrayed as being his best friend.
  • The parallel universe with swapped genders featured a female Megane who was quite pleased to encounter a female Lum... so pleased as to make Lum rather uncomfortable. What this might imply about our world's Megane is an interesting question.
  • In the final episode of the Urusei Yatsura anime series, Megane's real name is revealed to be Satoshi.
  • His voice actor would later provide the voice of Yotsuya from Maison Ikkoku and Sasuke Sarugakure from Ranma 1/2.

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