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Misuzu (みすず) is a half-cat half-human woman.


She had a pure white cat named Yuki whom she was fond of as the feline always followed her wherever she went. As her own body was feeble, she'd feel discomfort and faint if she walks too much, and one day in her bed, she told Yuki of how she wished to be like her, able to roam free, healthy, and agile. But to her shock, Yuki spoke, telling her that she too wished to be a human, and right then merged with her, leaving her half cat, half human.

One full-moon night during the love season for cats, Ten finds her on the roof of the Moroboshi residence, where Torajima tries to propose to her again only for her to reject him, much to his grief. A way she can become either only human or only cat is by having those who came to lover her fight each other, then the winner would have to jump off the roof, run around the house three times, meow, and climb back up on the roof.

After seeing a picture of her being a beautiful young girl with Yuki, a fight would ensue between Ten, Torajima and Ataru who got the hots for her, and Ataru emerged victorious, but much to his and the others' disgust, Misuzu reverted back to an old lady because they didn't fully listen to her.


  • In the manga, she already knew about the way to become either fully human or fully cat, and it is a picture of her granddaughter she shows.
  • In the anime, it is Cherry who reveals the way to make her either fully human or fully cat, and it is a picture of herself when she was young she shows.