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I'm so happy... It's not a dream, after all. I didn't think I'd ever be able to give this to you. I just used to imagine it and try to live with that...


Nozomi (, Nozomi?, lit. "Hope"[1]) is a ghost who goes on a date with Ataru Moroboshi to pass on. She was a young girl who had serious sickness during childhood. Due to her illness, her life-span costs a lot, causing her to pass away in a young age. Despite this, she has some wishes that have not fulfilled yet, leading her soul to wander the human world. With the help of the Diary of Dream that Nozomi wrote when she was still alive, Sakura calls Ataru to come and have a date with her.


Nozomi appears to be a kind, sensible and lovely young girl.




Even months before her death, Nozomi spent most of her time bedridden at an unnamed hospital. She used to knit mittens and scarfs, and also wrote on a diary. Although her mother always stayed beside Nozomi, providing her company and taking care of her, Nozomi always felt lonely and bored, and wished that she could hopefully go outside the hospital and play like the others. Unfortunately, this wish was not granted as she fell victim to a serious illness at a young age.

One day, she saw a young boy walking through the path located next to the hospital to reach school. Nozomi's eyes suddenly catch this young boy, through the window, and his sweet smile and fancy movements enthrall Nozomi's heart; she hoped that she could have a date with him.

However, fate turned cruel against her, as she passed away during a Christmas Eve. Everything that she wrote on the Diary of Dream was spotted by her mother. For fulfilling Nozomi's last wish, Nozomi's mother gave the diary to Sakura.

Afterlife and the date



  • Nozomi's Mother - Not much know about their real relationship between them. The one that we clearly know during her appearance is her mother always partnering Nozomi for taking care.
  • Ataru Moroboshi


  • "October 20 - He was running below my window again. He always looks so happy and cheerful. His smile is so gentle... I wonder what his name is... I wonder if he has a girlfriend... Even just once, I'd like to meet him."
  • "December 24 - Today, on Christmas Eve, I had a dream. I dreamt I was arm-in-arm with Ataru, while pure white snow fell around us. He was wearing the sweater that I knit for him, and... If this came true, that would be everything I could ever hope for."
  • "Wow, it's so white! Say, it's pretty...Can I hold your arm?"


  • Her voice actress also provided the voice of Kotori who's also a ghost with a lingering attachment.


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