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Oshima (○島) is a crane who takes the appearance of a raccoon to repay a favor to Ataru.


He got one of his legs caught in a raccoon trap in a forest, and while constantly repeating to return the favor, Ataru helps him out. He shortly after transformed into a raccoon and secretly got into Ataru's backpack and came out in his home. He presents himself to Ten and reads the book he was reading, "The Grateful Crane" and disguised himself as a maid and asks for anything from Ataru only to prove himself to be incompetent and unable to fulfill Ataru's wishes for a hot babe and money. In the end, as Ataru calls him a raccoon, he deduces that he peeked on him and discovered his true appearance (although it was obvious despite his maid clothes), and thus turns back into a crane and flies away without doing any favor.