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Oyuki (お雪, Oyuki?, Honourable snow) is the snow queen that lives at Neptune.


Oyuki first appears when she opens a portal connected to Moroboshi Ataru's closet in order to get rid of the excess snow on Neptune. All of the men on Neptune are working away from home at the time, so she has Lum's Stormtoopers (whom had come along to Neptune with Ataru) to handle the snow shoveling.

She, Lum, and Benten were considered a gang of troublemakers in their childhood, but she denies ever behaving in such a way. Having at one time defeated the incredibly strong Kotatsu-neko in a fight, she is considered the strongest character in the series. Like Benten, it is unknown whether Oyuki has ever had a boyfriend or even if she is interested in the opposite sex. When she develops a cold, the temperature around her drops tremendously.


Though very calm and polite, she has a frighteningly cold-hearted personality. She is a miser queen and always carries her account book with her in order to manage her finances and always manufacturing and marketing special products from Neptune, including sherbert/bird hybrids and windchimes that cool houses during the summer. She also happens to be the strongest character in the series. She has been known to flash-freeze those who anger her, something that is very difficult to do.


Thermal Kimono

Oyuki usually wears a long white kimono with lingerie of ice underneath.

Orange Under Garment

This is what Oyuki wears under her thermal kimono.

Powers and Abilities

  • Manipulation - Oyuki is a snow woman who can manipulate snow, ice, and cold weather.
  • Open portals - Oyuki can also open portals to move from place to place.




Name What They Call Oyuki What Oyuki Calls Them
Lum Oyuki-chan Lum
Moroboshi Ataru Oyuki-chan Ataru
Servants Unknown Ohii-sama
B-Bou Unknown B-Bou


  • "If you do not apologize...I shall be angry."
  • "Would you like some sherbert while you bathe?"
  • "So am I sarcastic, the stingiest person you know, or a cold-blooded businesswoman which is it...I am none of those, but that's quite alright with me."



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