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Rage! Sherbert! (怒れシャーベット, Okore shābetto?) is the 4th OVA of Urusei Yatsura.


Oyuki plans to make a business out of flying sherbets, little bird creatures capable of quickly reproducing sherbet cones from their beaks. Ran convinces her to let her borrow one so she can open a sherbet stand on Earth to make some money, but the combination of being overworked and under the heat drives the sherbet to become cranky and escape. For fear of Oyuki’s retribution, Ran must catch the pesky bird that is being pursued by an angry Benten for trashing her bike while going on a rampage shooting cones all over Tomobiki.

Plot Overview

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  • Every OVA from this point onward has running time of a TV series episode.
  • Ranma and Shampoo of Ranma 1/2 make a cameo when Lum spots Ran selling Sherbets.
  • Elle makes a cameo at the pool.

Differences from the Manga

In the manga:

  • Only Lum, Benten, Oyuki and Ran are featured. The other characters' appearances are anime only.
  • Benten's bike is not new.
  • The chase for the Sherbet is shorter as Lum precludes Ran from running away with the money and takes her in the air and both quickly join Benten.