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Appearing at the end of the manga series as well as the 5th movie, Rupa (ルパ) is the prince of a world of total darkness, giant mushrooms, and flying pigs.


His black robes which all of his people wear, kind of makes him look like a trash bag.


It was arranged by Rupa's great-grandfather that he would marry Lum. Rupa never met her but he was still intent on marrying her, much to the chagrin of his childhood friend Carla. Since Lum wasn't willing to go with him, he kidnapped her after he accelerated her growth so that her horns fell out (causing Lum to lose her powers until they'd grow back), but his wedding with Lum is thwarted by Carla and Ataru, although a series of fights made Lum decide to remain with him while Carla leaves to Earth. However, he receives a call from Carla that Earth accidentally got engulfed in giant mushrooms, but he and Lum declare that he will lend his flying pigs to eat the mushrooms if Ataru repeats the game of tag with Lum and grabs her horns before 10 days, with the added handicap that Lum can't fly above the giant mushrooms. As the game of tag went on, Rupa reveals to Carla that he was going to loan his pigs regardless of the result since Lum had a different plan, but says he will not if Carla doesn't return to their home in his way of asking her to become his bride.


  • His Seiyu would then provide the voice of Kirin from the 1st movie of Ranma 1/2 (Rumiko Takahashi's third major manga series).
  • A character of Ranma 1/2, Akari Unryu shares some similar traits of having an association with pigs and riding on a big pig.
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