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  • Look, i know that you are angry but at least, can  you use any of these two tweets , i don't want you to unblock me, but i want to make sure that i'm not a troublemaker.

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    • Your not a troublemaker, it's just I blocked you for showing up spoilers for the season finale. I am just angry with spoilers, but I know you want to put links for information.

      Thanks for the tweets though, I cannot wait for the second season to come out, and I also love the promotional poster.

      That poster will tell me of what the second season would be about.

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    • Thanks, i'm glad to know we are in good terms, also about the second tweet, you can upload the poster or does that counts as spoilers too? also do you want to include the airdate for the french release?

      And one last thing i'm impressed that Disney Channel Africa has basically announced the second season already.

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    • I know, and yes, the new poster counts as spoilers too.

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    • Well, that's good to know, i also saw that the new title cards are up, can you ask someone to add them in the season one page, also we got a premise of the finale (sorry, it's in french).

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    • A FANDOM user
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