Tomobiki High School Principal (友引高校校長, Tomobiki kōkō kōchō?) is a subtle person. He is accompanied by the ghost cat Kotatsu-neko on almost every occasion.


He's a very calm old man who has a very slow and proper way of talking and has a tendency to spew out boring speeches about school spirit that never seem to go anywhere. He rarely acts in anger and always keeps a straight face. All of the truly insane things that happen in the school every day, the constant alien invasions, destruction, parties, chases and such, don't seem to have any affect on him. He takes them as if they were nothing more than a normal part of the curriculum.


It may seem strange that the more out of the ordinary happenings don't bother him, but as a matter of fact, some of this mayhem is his doing. He will often initiate and organize strange competitions and outings that are intended to increase school spirit, but they go too far and eventually turn into full blown life or death situations.


  • His Seiyu would then voice the male protagonist Yusaku Godai's father from Maison Ikkoku and Kuroboshi of Kyoukai no Rinne (both major manga series by Rumiko Takahashi).
    • Interestingly, Kuroboshi is a big cat like Kotatsu-Neko with glasses, which might suggest that the Seiyu was chosen for a reference to the duo.
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