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Hello, I am Ryoga, an administrator on the Urusei Yatsura wiki. You can drop any comments or suggestions on my wall. I'm a huge fan of Rumiko Takahashi's works, and I can proudly say that I'm a fan of the Urusei Yatsura series as well. Of course, we all have a favorite character in our favorite series and mine is are: Ozuno Tsubame and Fujinami Ryuunosuke.

To do

  • Create more chapter/episode articles.
  • More music articles.
  • Help Sango-chan and Humpheh manage the wiki.
  • Infobox modification
  • Categories

  • すだま亭 (inn) - Foxfire in Viz manga
  • The Innkeepers - Paw (male), Maw (female)
  • お玉-さん (Otama; tadpole/Ladle; check AnimEigo's liner notes - Tama in Viz manga; 玉 means jade/sphere/beautiful - O- a prefix to represent respect?), Voice 榊原良子 (Yoshiko Sakakibara)
  • Chapter 95: Welcome to Hotel Ghost
  • Chapter 96: Unfinished Business (each 16 pgs)
  • Episode 80, tv21

  • Beautiful Dreamer (うる星やつら2 ビューティフルドリーマー)
  • "Waking to a Nightmare" (manga) / Episode 21: "Wake Up to a Nightmare" (tv6); "Miserable! A Loving and Roving Mother!" (ep 78)
  • Mujaki (夢邪鬼) (cv: 藤岡琢也/Takuya Fujioka (mov); Kenichi Ogata (anime))

  • Kumino Otoko 組のおと子 (Shinobi Namade in English) - chap 26
  • Episode 10 counterpart