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The wishing star of Tanabata that crashes into the Moroboshi's house as the family was selected as the poorest family of the year and to have three wishes granted.


The family at first got angry at it for tearing through their wall upon its entrance and wastes one wish into getting it to fix the damage it caused. When they realize the potential of the star's powers, they begin to bicker over who gets to make the last two wishes. However, Cherry winds up wishing for food, and while the family argues over the final wish with the dawn deadline fast approaching, the star goes to drink an entire 2 months supply of beer and much to the family's dismay canno't wake up from its slumber, and Cherry uses the final wish that the star would wake up, and then it flies away now that the three wishes were exhausted.


  • In the manga, the Star arrives during Tanabata, while in the anime he arrives late in October as he got caught in a black hole and had a hard time getting out.